Today we are launching an exciting new campaign with the bfa, as we seek to empower women to #FindTheirTribe within franchising!

We would all love to see more women joining the franchise industry: Whether as a franchisee, or as a franchisor. We know, as women in business, we can find a way to take control of our future careers, enjoy flexible working, and feel like we belong.

We hope to inspire more women to explore their options within franchising, over the next six months. Throughout the campaign, we’ll be focusing on a specific barrier women face, each month, as identified by the NatWest Rose Report 2019. With a variety of content, and consistent messaging, we want to encourage women to break down their barriers, and just go for it.

How can you be involved?

1) Share the content you see, from both EWiF and the bfa. This is a collaboration, as we believe we will have a bigger impact when our voices join together with the same core message. So, here are links to our first educational blog about franchising, and the bfa’s case study forum 

2) Encourage women to find out more about franchising through EWiF & the bfa. We’re stronger together, especially when people see for themselves how together we are. Both EWiF and the bfa will have landing pages offering a free downloadable guide we have produced for the campaign. We are also aiming to run two events: in September, a free “mindset” session, and in October, the bfa’s EWIB conference. As well as videos, webinars and a whole host of relevant blog posts, so watch out for us on Social Media!

3) Help spread the message of the campaign. Through franchising, we are stronger together. As women, we like to know we belong somewhere, and don’t like the idea of being left on the shelf. So, share stories and examples of how your network supports each other, and how you – as a franchisor – find collaborating with others in the industry, a huge support. Talk about how you were able to find your tribe. There may be opportunity to share a case study with us around the following topics:

  • Funding a franchise business / growing a franchise network
  • Building a business around family commitments
  • Dealing with a negative mindset when preparing to start a business
  • Overcoming feelings of risk-avoidance/anxiety

This is an exciting project we can all feel proud to be a part of… So, we hope you know you’re as much a part of this campaign as we are, and can find ways to be a part of the conversation over the next six months. If you’re not a member of EWiF, or your membership has lapsed, you may want to consider becoming an EWiF Ambassador, as we will be linking people to this page of our website. To check your application, please email Tam on

Want to find out more about EWiF and what we can do for you? Interested in becoming an ambassador?  Please get in touch!