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Getting Children Moving!

With obesity rates in pre-school children at their highest right now, exercise is so important to avoid this continuing into later life. Exercise should be enjoyed. In the first few years of every child’s life how they view exercise is instilled and their view will stay with them for life, so teach them that exercise can be great fun! Dance is an ideal way of doing this.

Dancing for pre-school children is not only a great way of keeping fit and active, but it’s also great fun!

Diddi dance flexible franchise- Great fun for girls and boys! Dance isn’t just for girls! Boys want to jump around to their favourite music just as much as their female friends. He may not want to be a ballerina or fairy but give him a toy guitar and he’s a rock and roll star! Plus boys need tiring out just as much, if not more than girls and what better way to do this than 45 minutes of jumping, turning, galloping, moving and shaking?

The Diddi dance pre-school dance franchise offers a unique 45-minute class. They engage and inspire the children’s own creativity by using action songs, dancing games, fun exercises, hoops and dance ribbons to our own funky pop songs.

Always something new and exciting to enjoy! Diddi dance pre-school dance classes change themes every half term exploring styles such as salsa, country, bollywood, reggae, hip hop and tap, catering for all tastes. Diddi dance pre-school dance classes follow a structured plan yet are taught in a relaxed atmosphere where children can learn at their own pace as their confidence builds.

As well as classes, the Diddi dance franchise offers a hugely successful private party package and takes bookings from nurseries and schools alongside their ‘regular’ dance timetable. Diddi dance also has a range of merchandise to promote their dance theme.

A great fun opportunity for anyone with great enthusiasm, motivation, energy and who loves working with children. Full training given and only basic movement experience needed.

Contact Details:
Anne-Marie Martin
Website: www.diddidance.com
Email: info@diddidance.com
Mobile: 07973982790


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