Franchise Fame EWiF OFFER



We offer a free spot to our Franchise Marketing Masterclass. This 60-minute exclusive session for 8 – 12 selected franchisors who are interested in expanding their franchises into new territories without breaking the bank or risking their work-life balance.

During the session, we’ll identify the key pain points most franchisors experience on their entrepreneurial journey. Dani will then discuss the Five Fs of the Franchise Marketing Model with you and its requisites that you need in place to overcome these challenges and to achieve incremental growth and soaring success in your franchise.

 What we’ll cover:

  • Franchise Lead Generation- maintain a full sales funnel with high-quality relevant leads
  • Franchise Lead Qualification- select the best applicants with whom to partner
  • Franchise Reputation- build and maintain an impeccable franchise reputation
  • Support for your existing franchisee network- sustain high-performance and satisfaction with your franchisees
  • Building the right team around you- select the best team players to achieve your business goals

Book your spot in the masterclass and start growing your franchise into territories you never even dreamed of!



Dani Peleva


Tel No: 07402635023