Team Academy

Leadership Development & Team Building

Our approach to working with you

We create the lightbulb moments for your teams & leaders to make the connections, empowering them to go out and be the change they want to see. We hold up the mirror!

Working with teams who recognise high performance is incredibly hard; we help them to develop clear strategies and the skills and behaviours they need to achieve greater success.

We work with Managers who are leading people for the first time and want to be the best manager, but know they need to build their tool kit.

And above all we are all about people… we know that people learn best when they are enjoying the experience, when they have the space and the environment to take risks, try something new, put themselves out of their comfort zone and know there is someone there to catch them.


What we stand for:

Switching you on

From the moment you enter the ‘room’, you know this experience will be different from any other. Everyone is there to be engaged, energised and to grow a little

Always keep it real

Everyone deserves a leader who gives a damn. We strip away corporate jargon to ensure what we learn together applies to your reality and leaders get the most from everyone

Make people feel a bit loved

Businesses should see training as an important investment area whilst every individual should feel valued and heard, seizing their chance to proactively learn, thrive and grow

Disrupt and develop

We aim to stop you in your tracks, get you to think differently, then take positive action as a team with diverse strengths and skills, to achieve amazing results together


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