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  Working with You

Our approach to working with our clients is very simple. We establish exactly what your objectives are and then apply the most practical, cost effective method of achieving those objectives. We are business practitioners, not theorists, and we are focused on achieving practical outcomes that can be measured by their positive impact on your business.

Our Services

Franchise Development

If you have a business, brand or concept that you wish to franchise, we have an extensive team of advisors that can assist you. Our work here can include support throughout the whole process from developing the required documentation, training your people, launching the franchise and recruiting franchisees.

International Franchising

By its nature, cross border franchising is a complex area that requires specialist knowledge. It is likely to entail dealing with different cultures, business and legal systems. Whether you are already a franchise business or not, if you want to expand into a new market via franchising, we have the specialists to help you. We work with businesses from all over the world and help them break into their chosen markets, wherever they may be. This can be using a variety of strategies and business structures and our service includes finding partners and master licensees to work with you in the local market if appropriate.


Running a successful franchise business requires particular skills and knowledge. Our training centre has been educating the industry for twenty years and we are the British Franchise Association’s chosen partner for delivering their professional qualification. In line with our philosophy of providing useful, practical advice, our training workshops are focussed on giving franchising management teams and their staff the tools and knowledge to make an immediate and meaningful impact on the performance of their businesses.

We also provide training for franchisees on behalf of their franchisors. This can be to cover a gap in their in-house expertise, to boost their initial training package or to reinforce their own training messages with a new face, in a new way.

Franchisee Recruitment

Recruiting good franchisees is the lifeblood of any successful franchise system, but also one of the greatest challenges. Our proven system, developed over many years, can relieve you of this difficult and time consuming function of the business. It is a sophisticated system which uses up to the minute software and methods to engage candidates and ensure that they receive the information they need, in the way that they want it, and make you stand out from the crowd.

Franchise Management Software

Franchising is a collaboration between you and your franchisees, but for it to work well, there needs to be a good franchise management system at the heart of the business. Our bespoke software is low cost, can be adapted to suit your franchise and includes unique features designed to help you track and improve franchisee performance and therefore, increase your own revenues.

Staff Recruitment

If you need to recruit someone with franchising experience we can help you. Our recruitment business is the only one in the UK specialising only in franchising and we know where the good people are! From administration and support staff up to senior managers and directors with international experience, we will match you with the right person, first time.

Specialist Suppliers

As franchising continues to grow as a sector, a growing number of specialist suppliers of products and services for franchised businesses have appeared. Our business in this area represents the only place for you to gain access to these suppliers as a group. This is done though our franchise supplier website and our annual Supplier Showcase event.

Business Development

Our work with franchisors is not just about getting the franchise launched and then waving them goodbye. Good franchise systems develop and evolve over time and with experience franchisors are able to improve their systems and performance. But why wait years to learn the lessons that every other franchisor has learnt over time? Our unique benchmarking tool is designed to accelerate the growth and performance of your franchise business and fast track increases in its profitability and value.

Exit Planning

It is never too early to plan for exit. The really successful exits occur when management teams plan ahead and prepare the business for sale over extended periods, often years. Our exit planning service will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business from a buyer’s point of view and set an action plan in place to prepare for sale. Not only does this increase the sale value of your business, but it mirrors the due diligence process that you will be subjected to in due course, and puts right in advance, the issues that might cause a sale to falter during due diligence.

Our Team

When seeking outside advice on major strategic issues, you need to know you are working with the right people. We have spent twenty years putting together franchising’s top team. All of our consultants and trainers come from a commercial franchising background, have extensive personal experience in the fields they advise on and are trained to provide practical solutions to help you achieve your goals.

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