Farrah Rose, Director of International Franchise Development with The Franchising Centre, travelled to Malta last month to join Her Excellency, Marie-Lousie Coleiro Preca, the President of Malta, before flying to Lisbon to join the President for a state visit at the Hotel Corinthia.

The purpose of the Presidential visit to Lisbon was primarily to re-establish Portuguese-Maltese trade proposals and re-establish a commitment to work towards improved economic, political and cultural relations between both nations.

Ms Rose is recognised as one of the leading authorities on international franchising and was personally invited by President Coleiro Preca to join her on the visit.

Ms Rose, was previously appointed by the Commonwealth Secretary as an advisor to the Maltese Government to assist the Commonwealth to promote and set up the correct structure for franchise development in Malta and facilitate the flow of business between Malta and the United Kingdom.

Other members of the delegation included senior figures of the highest authority, including the Maltese Economic Minister, Chris Cardona, Foreign Affairs Minister, Camelo Abela and the Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds, Aaron Farrugia.

During the trip Ms Rose was in direct communications with European trade figure-heads, including the director general of the Portuguese Franchise Association and members of the European Franchise Federation to discuss facilitating entry for British brands into Portugal.

As a result of the visit, The Franchising Centre are hoping to re-visit our own close collaborations with Trade Malta, Malta Enterprise and the Maltese Chamber of Commerce, within the franchising arena.  It is my mission to continue to build close relationships internationally for British Clients post-Brexit. It’s these relationships that will help shape our economic future and show that franchising still has a very bright future in the years to come.” Ms Rose commented.

Ms Rose’s role at The Franchising Centre is predominantly focused on working with organisations, including major brands, to expand their businesses into global markets, and has seen her work with more than 300 brands internationally, over the years.

The trip culminated with Ms Rose receiving An Invitation to join the President on the 22ndMay at San Anton Palace, Attard, Malta; the official residence of the President of Malta for cocktail reception.

Brian Duckett, Chairman of The Franchising Centre, added “Portugal and Malta are two of Britain’s oldest allies, yet in a post-Brexit economy, we are yet to discover what trade rules will apply. We understand it is important for those individuals with existing franchises, as well as those looking to invest abroad in the future, that the work we do continues to maintain close relationships with Europe during these uncertain times.”

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