The HR Dept

The HR Dept: The end of (corporate) life as you know it! 

Want to start your own business? Have the HR skills but not the business acumen? 

Build a business using your existing HR skills and help employers achieve the results they want by telling them what they can do, not what they can’t. Joining us means joining the UK’s largest network of HR professionals. You’ll build a successful business, with our support, while changing your lifestyle for the better. 

What we do: We provide outsourced HR support to local businesses and our licensees are renowned for providing a local, personal and professional HR service to SMEs. Existing HR professionals can utilise their skillset whilst earning a great income with our license programme. It’s a rapid route to market and an opportunity to grow a business quickly.

Give more, deliver more, be more

By pairing your HR skills with our knowledge and support, who knows where you could go?

As a HR Dept licensee, you will:

  • Utilise our proven business model for your own success
  • Establish your own business under our brand and values
  • Benefit from our training and support
  • Be supported by our team at head office
  • Draw on the vast experience and knowledge of the whole licensee network

Your skills, our knowledge; THE formula for success

We know and understand the challenges of setting up a new business which means you don’t need to have previous experience running a business. As a qualified professional, you don’t need us to hold your hand, but we will provide you with the training, support and tools you need to grow your business, short-cutting typical new business owner mistakes. We believe that this is the formula to your success and the path to a new improved life.

The hardest part of setting up a business isn’t the HR side of things but the business and marketing aspects, skills that many HR professionals lack confidence and experience in. For over 20 years, we have helped 60+ HR professionals across the UK and Ireland to start their own businesses with the help and support of an established brand and network, not to mention a wealth of HR and marketing tools. Your success means as much to us as our own.

Our extensive support programme includes:

  • Sales and marketing training
  • Accountancy package
  • IT and technical support
  • HR, employment law and business advice
  • Business coaching
  • HR documents
  • Holiday cover
  • Marketing materials
  • Newsletters
  • Social media support
  • Website

Our cooperative approach to working is something we’re extremely proud of and we actively encourage our network of licensees to work closely together to provide a supportive environment optimised for the growth and success of everyone. If you come across an issue you haven’t seen before, someone else in the network will have and will come to your aid.

“I chose the HR Dept because I didn’t have any previous experience of running a business so I wanted the back up and support. They provide cover when you’re on holiday or when you’re ill. I also liked the support in the website and technology side of things too because I’m not very strong on that. A lot of PR and marketing is also done for you. You would have to spend a lot of time on that if you set up your own business,” Belinda Newton, Exeter licensee.

The keys to your future

The HR Dept license requires an initial investment of just £15,995 + VAT. You will also need enough cash to support yourself and your business through your set up period.  If you don’t have the funding in place, there are alternatives and with a great reputation and business model, the HR Dept is certainly a favourable investment. The high-street banks are more likely to invest in a proven and established business model and with 60+ licensees already on-board, the model is certainly lower risk and well proven!

By leveraging our unique brand and proven business model and by pairing your skills with ours, we can help you on your way to business success. Not only will you benefit from our support, you’ll be part of a team; a whole network of other HR professionals with knowledge you can draw on. We provide you with the support, tools and confidence you need to succeed.

“The corporate life didn’t support my family life and being able to see my kids grow up. I also wanted to earn lots of money and enjoy it! The HR Dept allows me to use all my skills and I get good job satisfaction from helping other business owners who are in trouble. It’s so much different to the corporate world,” John Jenkinson, Newark and East Nottingham licensee.

To find out more about our license opportunity and how you can take advantage of our growing network and brand, please fill out the enquiry form on our website and we will be in touch soon.