We work with a large number of franchisors and hundreds of franchisees. Trustist helps you get reviews and uses those reviews to get stars in Google search results.  Search results in Google with stars get many more clicks than those search results without stars and are trusted more by potential franchisees and potential customers of your franchisees.

Trustist answers two questions which franchisors often need to answer:

  • How do I recruit more franchisees?
  • How do my franchisees sell more?

Trustist’s platform for franchisors is built around getting your franchisees to leave you reviews and for you to be able to use those reviews to get you stars in Google search which in turn will lead to people searching for a franchise to buy trusting your Google search listings more and clicking through more and providing you with more prospective franchisees for you to talk to. 

Once you start collecting new reviews, we don’t stop there, we also have integrations with Facebook, Twitter and Google Posts which do Auto Posts to your social account for any 4 or 5-star reviews which you get. 

We back up all of the work we do by pulling in data from various parts of Google so that you and your franchisees can see that data within the Trustist dashboard.

Here is what Kevin Martin, Online Director at Timpson Group, had to say in a recent review about how Trustist help Timpson Group.

“Trustist provide the Timpson Group with a superb reviews platform that gives us so many benefits from insights to help improve our customer service through to improved SEO and increased footfall. Highly recommend.”

This can all be done for your business as well! You can find further info on this blog or to see how we can help your franchise and your franchisees please get in touch for a chat or a demonstration.


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