In the spirit of constant evolution, Sylvian Care is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking development: the launch of the Sylvian Academy.

 2023 has already proven to be a transformative year for us, with a number of fantastic new franchisees joining our network, a complete rebrand, and a relaunch of our websites. In many ways, the Sylvian Care franchise has never been so strong. However, we’ve never been ones to rest on our laurels, and Sylvian Care has always been about continual transformation and evolution, and striving to improve everything we do for our service users, carers, and franchisees.

 Now, we are very pleased to announce the second milestone on our 2023 roadmap: the creation of the Sylvian Care academy, an all-encompassing new training programme for our franchisees.

 While we have always prided ourselves on our comprehensive training, we’re taking this to the next level by partnering up with some of the industry’s leading experts in home care, accountancy and business management. Their experience and knowledge will provide the necessary enhancements to our training programme, guaranteeing a comprehensive learning experience for our franchisees.

 We want to ensure that all our franchisees not only leave their training well-equipped and confident about their journey ahead, but also that we continue to supply them with everything they need to make the most of their businesses for many years to come. So, while our primary focus is the New Owner Training Programme, and providing new franchisees with the necessary tools and insights to accelerate the growth of their business, they can also count on our expertise and guidance every step of the way on their Sylvian Care journey.

 As we aim to keep our training dynamic and continuous, and make sure our franchisees are always at the top of their game, we have introduced unique ongoing training process. This includes regular workshops to allow the franchisees to assimilate and deepen the learning from the initial training as they start to put it into practice.

 We’ve even taken a deep dive into cutting-edge psychological research into learning styles and memory retention in order to optimise every franchisee’s experience. It is a well-known fact that people tend to forget 70% of what they’ve learned within 24 hours, and our programme takes this into account, making sure that essential information is revisited and deepened. Moreover, the programme caters to a range of learning styles, ensuring all of our franchisees, regardless of their preferred learning approach, have the best possible conditions for success.

We believe that by incorporating these scientifically backed principles, our training will not only be more effective, but also more personally resonant with our franchisees, resulting in a more profound understanding and implementation of our Sylvian Care standards.

We are incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved with the launch of Sylvian Academy. The optimism and commitment we have already seen among our franchisees and trainers only deepens our confidence in this new development. As we continue to grow, adapt, and innovate, we look forward to the many remarkable things on the horizon for Sylvian Care.

 Join the Sylvian Care community and let us take you on a journey through a training programme that is as unique as you are. Become part of our ever-growing network, filled with dedicated professionals, and let the Sylvian Academy shape your future in the care industry.

 For more information, don’t hesitate to reach out by calling us on 0118 200 6777 or by email to We are excited to guide you through this transformative experience.