23 June 2016 – After seven years of a high-pressure, life-saving career, an ex-ambulance paramedic has quit the flashing blue lights of the emergency services profession for bluer waters, with the launch her award-winning baby and toddler swim programme Turtle Tots, in Northampton.  As someone who knows all too well the importance of life-saving skills, Sally Barnes (age 33), has turned her focus to helping children to develop confidence and safety skills in the water.

A new mum to a 17 month-old little boy, Sally found that the long hours and pressure of her career as a paramedic was no longer the right lifestyle choice for her new family.  Keen to spend more time with her young son but also to work in a field she is passionate about, baby swimming seemed like the perfect choice.

Sally explains: “I loved swimming as a child and having taken my own baby to Turtle Tots structured swim classes at another location from eight weeks old, I was amazed at how quickly he responded and how confident he has become in the water so early on in his life, that when the opportunity arose for me to launch my own baby swim business, it was a no-brainer.”

Transferring her life-saving skills gained as a paramedic to the pool is an ideal transition for Sally and means she can continue to work in an industry where she is doing something worthwhile that will make a difference to the lives of others.

Sally continued: “I’m aware of the need for quality progressive baby swim programmes in this area and the great thing about Turtle Tots is, it’s perfect for babies right from birth but it is also a progressive baby swim programme.  It doesn’t stop at splashing around in the water – although it is about having fun too, but it is also about building that all-important confidence in the water.”

Sally’s Turtle Tots baby swim classes are affordable, fun, safe and structured; babies and parents will learn new skills every week and a vital life-saving skill in the process.  The baby swim programmes are currently taking place at pools in Kingsthorpe, central Northampton and Moulton on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sally will also be donating a portion of her revenue to the Warwickshire & Northampton Air Ambulance charity.  For further details on class locations and times visit the Turtle Tots website www.turtletots.com.

Caroline Sparks, Commercial Director of Turtle Tots Ltd commented on the launch of Turtle Tots Northampton: “Sally’s fantastic skills as a paramedic will stand her in good stead for teaching babies and toddlers to build water confidence.  She is patient, friendly and she instantly connected with the Turtle Tots brand and values. We believe that she will bring something truly different to the area and we look forward to seeing her classes blossom in the future”.

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