Dorset entrepreneur, Samantha Acton, celebrates the launch of a brand new business by being honoured as a finalist in the Innovation category of the 2019 Successful Women in Business Awards. The new venture, Paxan, is a tech start-up featuring a smart diary to reduce admin and bookkeeping which saves time and money and is customizable by the user to suit their business and culture.

“This is a brilliant way to celebrate the launch of Paxan onto the open market. We have been using the tech to efficiently manage our franchise business, Domestic Angels, for nearly 2 years, now we are able to share Paxan with other businesses so they can enjoy the same benefits” says Sam.

Award category sponsor, Lesley Tindle of Boutique in a Bus, explained briefly why Paxan had to be one of the finalists “I was looking for various key points when looking through the nominees for this award and with Paxan Sam had literally trawled through all the software offered and knew it wasn’t how she wanted to streamline her business and make it user friendly and concise for all users, so, like myself she said, can’t find it, so I’ll build it! This shows total Innovation, determination and a passion to complete and to fill the businesses every need. It’s not a ‘me-too’ it’s hers!”

Paxan was born as a solution to increase efficiency in business and allow growth without pain. Solutions on the open market were assessed by Sam and team who concluded that options available were overly complicated, contained many unnecessary features and priced too high to be a sustainable feature within SME’s. Furthermore, the ability to brand and adopt cultural language was heavily restricted making products constantly an external experience. Sam tells us “Paxan is a CRM for people who don’t want a complicated CRM, it’s affordable starting at £20 per month, customisable and intuitive. Our aim is for people to have control of their time, lives and money giving them Peace of Mind in business. Peace of Mind in latin is Pax Animi hence the name Paxan for our software solution”

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