To add to its long list of Awards, incentives and support initiatives, Razzamataz Theatre Schools has launched its Franchisee of the Term. This will help to further recognise and reward franchisees who have made huge inroads with their businesses and inspire the network to share best practice and marketing ideas.

Head Office received some excellent entries and they were delighted to award Alison Beveridge, Principal of Razzamataz Durham as the winner, with her stand out entry that showed growth in her business, wonderful customer feedback and her excellent contribution to the network.

“The Franchisee of the Term Awards really compliments all our other incentives,” says Denise Hutton-Gosney, MD and Founder of Razzamataz. “It’s a good way to share with our network the success of individual franchisees and give them ideas that they can apply to their own businesses.”

Over the last few years, Razzamataz has invested heavily into its online presence through social media, blogs and other channels. This has directly impacted individual franchise schools with Durham enjoying a 50.05% growth in page views in the first quarter of the year, which is up a whopping 164% on the same period for the previous year. This increase is a combination of the work from Head Office and the work that Alison has been doing.

“The increase in the Durham micro site means that there are more users, more activity, better SEO impact and stats show longer average sessions,” explains Ian Irving from Cybercafe who looks after the website for Razzamataz. “It is indicative of relevant content on the microsite itself, as well as social media and offline marketing.”

In fact, Durham’s social media stats are also impressive. Razzamataz Durham has seen a huge increase in social media enquiries and from these had a whopping 100% conversion rate.

Alison has grown both her revenue and student numbers every term since September 2016 with the biggest increase coming this year where student number increased by 17% and revenue by just over 12%.

“Although these figures are really impressive, what pleased us more was Alison’s involvement in her local community and our network,” says Denise. “The younger students were encouraged to go and watch and support a local secondary school who performed a version of The Little Mermaidto give the Razzamataz students some inspiration for when they perform in their end of year show. Alison also created a Father’s Day video that she shared with the network and in particular one school Principal who was concerned that her show fell on the same day as Father’s Day.”

Alison and her team had a very successful Easter school with 55 students attending, but what is more impressive is that the word of mouth is so strong in her area, she did not have to spend a single penny on advertising.

Typical of many parent testimonials is this one from Michaela: “Both girls are getting so much out of their Saturday mornings with you and are thoroughly enjoying themselves. Razzamataz has helped with their confidence loads and come at just the right time as they settle into their new life and a new school in Durham. Thank you to you and all the team, I’m very pleased we found you.”

Razzamataz is currently recruiting more franchisees to open theatre schools in September. To find out if you could be the Principal of your own theatre school, the Head Office run Discovery Den days across the UK where potential franchisees get a chance to meet the team, find out more about franchising in general and discover what it is like to run a part-time theatre school.

To find out more, contact Head of Recruitment Suzie McCafferty on call 07793 054 233. For more details visit: