The New Year is upon us! But, are you feeling stuck in the “same old” from last year? Let’s see how mentoring can shake-up your groove, broadening your mindset to embrace new opportunities this year.


As you know: Franchising is not just a business model; it’s a community built on shared knowledge, experiences, and support. Here at EWiF, we want to facilitate and nurture your amazing potential to encourage, inspire, and educate, and as a result see collective franchise growth amongst all our ambassadors.   Which is why we believe the EWiF Mentoring Scheme is a useful tool, and can help you expand your horizons and reach new heights within the franchise world.   Why is mentorship vital in franchising?

  • Knowledge Exchange: As a seasoned franchisee/franchisor, you possess a wealth of insight and wisdom. Mentoring enables the transfer of your invaluable knowledge to empower aspiring and current business owners and prospective franchisees, as a means of lifting others up.
  • Guidance and Support: Starting or running a franchise can be daunting, as you may remember! An EWiF mentor provides guidance, offering advice, sharing strategies, and lending a supportive ear during the challenges faced along the way.
  • Network Expansion: Mentorship often opens doors for you to connect with a broader network of industry professionals. You can build connections with people who could become part of your ongoing business growth.

How does mentoring contribute to a mentee’s success?

  • Accelerated Learning: Learning from a mentor who’s navigated similar challenges expedites the learning curve, empowering the mentee to make informed decisions and avoid common pitfalls.
  • Confidence Building: Having a mentor who believes in their potential instils confidence and empowers the mentee to take calculated risks within their businesses at a faster rate.
  • Long-term Sustainability: Mentorship isn’t just about short-term wins; it creates a mindset of continuous improvement, ensuring the sustainability and adaptability of franchises in a dynamic, rapidly evolving market.

At EWIF, we recognise how powerful the mentorship relationship can be in fostering a thriving franchise ecosystem. Our dedication to empowering individuals in franchising, extends to creating mentoring partnerships which often lead to success.   So, what can you expect from EWIF’s mentorship initiatives?

  • Become a seasoned expert: we can all think of those women we’ve met in franchising who have inspired us to be better in our own franchise journey. It all started with them sharing their story – something you can do too. When we receive a request for a mentoring call, we’ll connect someone new and curious about franchising aspiring with established industry professionals from reputable franchises. You’ll then share your story and insights tailored to the call you have.
  • Structured Support: Our mentorship programmes provide a structured and varied framework to foster mentoring relationships, ensuring both mentors and mentees gain maximum value from their sessions. With a commitment to a 30-minute call, this can expand naturally into meeting at EWiF Regional meetings, and the wider franchise industry events.
  • Community Engagement: Beyond one-on-one mentoring, we foster a vibrant community where knowledge sharing, networking events, and collaborative learning opportunities flourish. We welcome ideas and solutions from our valued community to grow together.

Be Involved: Become a Mentor, Make an Impact Are you a seasoned franchise professional passionate about giving back? Consider becoming a mentor! Your expertise and guidance can shape the success stories of aspiring franchisees. So, contact us today to discover what’s involved and how you can become an EWiF Mentor.       Follow us for more insightful discussions, success stories, and opportunities to engage with EWIF as we continue our mission to empower entrepreneurs in franchising!