We hosted our first ever conference day last summer! All our amazing franchise were able to get together at our Friends for Pets HQ and network with other franchisees and hear from our incredible guest speakers, Jo Middleton, and The Nutty Professor.

Jo Middleton came to talk about everything business and how to really make the most out of your business and looking after yourself and take the time to appreciate how far you have come. The Nutty Professor helped us analyse dog behaviours and what to do in certain situations. Having both guest speakers come and talk about a mixture of business and animals really worked for the conference day and we covered so much.

This was a great opportunity for all the Franchisees to meet in person, as some of them are far away and hadn’t got to meet in person before, only in lots of zoom meetings/calls. All the Franchisees came away saying they would love to do it more often! We spoke about everything from business strategies to dog behaviour. Our Franchisees were so inspired by both Jo and the Nutty Professor.

All our franchisees had a great day and learnt so much, that they were then able to go back and apply it to their business plan and strategy’s. We can’t wait for our next conference day, which will be held in November this year!