Franchisees are out in the field representing your brand on a daily basis. They represent your brand to customers and prospective franchisees all over the country so it is important that you make sure each and every one of them remains motivated and satisfied. This workshop will provide a range of tools to help you educate and motivate your franchisees. We will cover many sensitive issues that sit at the heart of the franchisor/franchisees relationship and you will gain significant take-away actions to improve your most valuable brand asset: your franchisees. This workshop covers:

  • Using tools to help your franchisees represent your brand effectively
  • Using the franchisee toolbox: the Franchise Agreement, the Operations Manual, the Marketing Manual and Franchisee Business Plan
  • Implementing a month-by-month support structure for your franchisees
  • Recognising and rewarding franchisee achievement
  • Leading and motivating franchisees through their life cycle (different methods for different lifecycle stages)
  • Setting KPIs & targets on an individual basis and how to monitor these
  • Understanding your leadership skills and how to use these to motivate the network
  • How you can work to best practice guidelines as a franchisor.

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