Hello! At our EWIF National Conference in September, we received a number of requests for our members to make special offers available to those who visit the EWIF website, or just exclusively to other EWIF members. We thought this was a great idea and we’re excited to announce that we’re opening an EWIF Member Offers page on our website!

As EWIF members, you can choose whether to take advantage of this or not, it’s totally optional. EWIF members can hold up to a maximum of 2 offers at any given time. Only EWIF members will be able to promote offers on our Member Offers section, so this isn’t open to non-EWIF members.

If you are interested in submitting an offer on the Member Offers page, click here to download the EWIF Members offer form – then just complete and email it to diane@ewif.org.

We look forward to seeing what you submit!