Having created a thriving business, you may be at a crossroads in your business development. There’s a way to grow, without having to personally manage every expansion… your vibe attracts your tribe

The joy for every business owner, is knowing you have a business people want to use. You’ve created a successful business model, and you are thriving! Now, do you move into bigger premises and employ more people? Or find somewhere to set up another one? Or, is there another way?

We’re here to tell you there IS another way! One which will benefit you in the long run, because your brand can grow in ways you can’t manage alone. Franchising!

The UK’s franchise industry is, like your business, thriving. According to the 2018 bfa NatWest Franchise Survey, the industry was worth an impressive £17 billion to the UK’s economy. With over 900 brands, like yours, who have turned themselves into a franchise, and are successfully operating in almost every sector. As a woman in business, the difference between you and any of the other brands in your industry – is you. Your vibe is what will attract your tribe!  

How does becoming a franchise, help your brand?

1.) You can reach further, than as a one woman band
As a franchise, people will be investing in your business model. Whilst there will be some effort on your part to provide them with training in how to be you, but in their own business under your same brand, but in the long-run, they will soar and your brand with grow! This means you can grow right across the UK… even the world! You may need to adapt your franchise model as you continue to expand, but within the franchise industry there are people to guide you through the process.

2.) You don’t have to fund each new expansion
Because you have people choosing to invest in your business, having seen the evidence of your brand’s success, this means you can grow as a network without you personally having to fund every singe step forward. Developing key relationships with lenders will ensure your franchisees benefit from the support of a business models the finance industry believes in. It also means you are not having to balance the books to pay staff… your franchisee takes on this responsibility for their own business under your umbrella. 

3.) You become part of an exciting industry
With the whole gender gap in large corporations, it is hard to find the right kind of role model. Someone who can help us believe we can achieve business ownership goals, and do it successfully. Within franchising, you have access to so many role models, you will be feeling inspired with each new connection you make. Not just those women who are within your network, but so many women who are doing incredible things with their businesses. From the woman who started a charity to provide education in Thailand with her business, to the woman who is looking to make her local community a safe place for people with dementia, by raising awareness of the debilitating illness.

Through EWiF regional meetings, and the bfa’s annual EWIB conference, you’ll see the franchise industry is like a small family, and we all want to see you succeed. We know we’re stronger together, so we believe in you.

Discover more about becoming a franchisor
Why not download our free guide here, too discover more about how franchising can work for you. Alternatively, if you’d rather speak to someone, email us to see if we can connect you with someone as you find your tribe and start your own franchise journey.