It’s certainly been a very exciting year so far for the Sylvian Care franchise! In just the first six months of 2023, the award-winning brand welcomed 13 new franchisees, expanding their reach to 33 different locations in the UK. The UK’s care landscape is constantly shifting, but the franchise is setting new benchmarks with its unwavering dedication to providing quality relationship-based care.

This remarkable growth is a true sign of Sylvian Care’s ability to set new benchmarks of quality within the industry and underlines the brand’s ethos, innovation, and constant striving for excellence.

Now, Sylvian Care is thrilled to announce the appointment of Karen Wayman as their new Head of Quality and Compliance. Karen’s mission in the franchise is to help provide invaluable support to the franchise network in maintaining a rating of “good” or above with the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

 Her understanding of the complexities of the CQC’s regulations will empower franchisees to uphold the highest possible standards of quality and compliance in delivering care to their local communities.

Karen’s impressive background spans a sterling 17-year managerial career in health and social care, including both public and private sectors. Her unparalleled expertise in Data Protection, Health & Safety, and CQC compliance, along with her strong leadership abilities, make her the perfect fit for the role.

However, Karen’s appointment is about so much more than just ensuring compliance with the CQC and other statutory bodies, as vital as that is to the business. It is also a further step in Sylvian Care’s commitment to supporting its franchisees in every aspect of running a successful care service, as well as a business which is incredibly rewarding – both professionally and personally.

Sylvian Care recognises the power of franchising lies in close collaboration with its partners, and always striving together to elevate both parties to new heights of success and quality. Karen’s deep insights, innovative thinking, and hands-on experience will serve as an invaluable asset, driving the entire franchise network towards continued excellence.

Cristina Grancea, expressing the enthusiasm of the entire Sylvian Care Franchising team, said, “We welcome Karen to our team, and we are looking forward to what we will be building together for our franchise partners and, ultimately, offering higher-quality relationship-based care. This is a big step in making our entire network more cohesive and supportive – after all, franchising is all about being stronger together!”

The addition of Karen Wayman to the Sylvian Care Franchising team is a clear testament to the brand’s dedication to nurturing successful, profitable partnerships with its franchisees.

In a landscape where excellence is paramount, Sylvian Care Franchising continues to lead with foresight, integrity, and a firm commitment to its mission. With this exciting new appointment, the brand is poised to not only maintain its standing as a leader in quality and compliance but also to explore new horizons, foster business growth, and solidify its reputation as a pioneering force for good in the UK home care industry.

For franchising opportunities in your area, or more information on Sylvian Care Franchising’s commitment to quality and compliance, please call 0118 2006777. Join us in our mission to transform lives for the better through relationship-based care, guided by the best in the industry. Find out more by visiting our websites and