“Life now looks and feels very different; I’m very grateful to everyone who has supported me to achieve this.”

We put our heart and soul into helping other women to follow in our footsteps.” 

New Woman Franchisor of the Year: Little Dreams Consulting 

Turning your business into a franchise can be achieved, and brings about exciting expansion opportunities, as our winners, Jenna Wilson and Fay Smith of Little Dreams Consulting show! 

Little Dreams Consulting is a wonderful franchise which encourages women across the UK to not only be part of a business model which can help them achieve their career goals, but also helps families lead happier, healthier lives. They do this by addressing the most dreaded of parental difficulties: lack of sleep! 

As we’re sure you’re aware, babies and infants simply don’t follow the same sleep patterns we do, causing all manner of problems for parents. Poor sleep also affects the health and wellbeing of little ones, too. So, when things feel too much, Little Dreams Consulting can help. By offering clear, easy-to-follow plans to help children get the sleep they need, franchisees are empowered to change lives for the better. Not just for the families they work with – but their own, too. 

It’s no wonder then, that founders Jenna and Fay were singled out for this year’s New Woman Franchisor Award, at the annual NatWest EWiF Awards. This prestigious accolade recognises female leaders of new and upcoming franchises who are a real inspiration to the industry.  

We asked Jenna and Fay how it felt to bring home this big win: “Stunned! We absolutely didn’t expect to win but were absolutely thrilled; this was the award we really wanted to win! All the finalists in our category were amazing! Perhaps it was a reflection of the passion and enthusiasm behind our business which shone through in our application – we really do eat, breath and sleep (!) our business!“ 

Though Little Dreams only launched as a franchise in 2021, Jenna and Fay have already proven they know exactly what it takes to help others follow in their success, having created a truly comprehensive franchise offering. Within just one year, following a huge surge in demand as their reputation spread rapidly across the UK, the duo further expanded their business model, by introducing a second income stream for their franchisees, through the launch of their programme ‘Better Sleep for Children’’. This focuses on working with primary schools, to address sleep as part of the new curriculum. 

So, a very big EWIF congratulations to Jenna and Fay! You’re a wonderful example to us all. “We’ve been told winning an EWIF award is life changing. So, we’re excited to see what the future holds!” We wouldn’t be at all surprised to see your names on our awards lists again, in the future!  


Franchising offers all women the chance to ‘be their own boss’. Organisations like Encouraging Women into Franchising (EWiF) and The British Franchise Association (bfa) provide support to women wanting to enter franchising with services like EWiF’s volunteer mentors and the bfa’s free online Prospect Franchisee Certificate.