How did I get here?

Meet Ana-Mai Addenbrooke, age 32 and the dance teacher with Razzamataz Sheffield. Ana-Mai started in January 2020 and had to quickly pivot to online teaching during the pandemic. She is currently the dance teacher for the upper school and Project Intense Phase 2 specialist, a class that delves into the more technical aspect of dance. 



I had what is probably a very typical dance background. I started at the age of two and dance quickly became the only thing that I was interested in. I went through all the dance exams and became a ballet scholar. I attended the summer schools at the Royal Ballet and after leaving school, was offered a place at the Northern Ballet School in Manchester where I studied the musical theatre course.


How did you get into teaching

In between auditioning, I had always taught but mostly adult classes. When I saw the vacancy at Razzamataz Sheffield, it was so appealing because I would get to share my passion and creativity with young people who could then find their own path. However, I lacked confidence in myself and was concerned this would be a drawback. 


Overcoming challenges

Although I knew I could teach and was so passionate about dance, I doubted my own abilities to be a leader through general lack of confidence. But the Principal Helen obviously saw something in me because although I didn’t get the main dance teacher role, she gave me a position teaching for just thirty minutes every Saturday. Over time, being part of the Razzamataz team and working with the students was the catalyst to believe in myself more, build my personal development and create relationships with students, all of which gave me more self-belief. Our team is so supportive and there is a lovely atmosphere at the school, all of which led to me now having the confidence to take on the main dance teaching position within the school as well as other roles.


What are the benefits of performing arts training

It gives children and young people the tools to express themselves. Sharing the space with other like-minded individuals also gives them the confidence to explore their individuality and develop everyday life skills. It’s a great experience for all people and what’s more it’s fun.


What do you love about being a Razzamataz teacher

Being able to build relationships and a rapport with students means that you can really be there for them. So many young people have a lot going on in their life but once they step into their local Razzamataz, it is their safe space. As a teacher, you can gauge whether they are having a bad day and you can turn that around for them, which is incredibly special. Being a Razzamataz teacher has made me realise there are so many avenues I can go down within the Razzamataz community. I’m already assisting in the office to help with some of the backstage elements of running a theatre school.


Next ambitions with Razzamataz

I love where I’m currently at because teaching is my passion. Working at Razzamataz means that I have been able to develop many different avenues such as mentoring, progressing creative projects and learning new skills on the business side of running a theatre school. The balance of the admin with the creative is very enjoyable and has helped me gain new skills. This has also increased my confidence and has made me a better teacher because I understand the whole process including the importance of customer services, because I’m the first point of contact for all parents.


Advice for young people

Performing arts is an incredible industry but you must learn to be adaptable. At Razzamataz, we need to change things at short notice if something is not working out and that is true for the industry in general. Bring your strengths to the role because you are uniquely you. Have belief in yourself and understand that we are all works in progress. Whatever age you are, it’s important to recognise that confidence is something that you need to keep working on and building within yourself.


Want to join our team?

Razzamataz Theatre Schools offer employment to some circa 600 people either as teachers, assistants, or part of the admin team. There are plenty of opportunities to grow with many people starting out as work experience placements and progressing to assistant Principals or Principal roles.


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