Groe Global is proud to announce the launch of the #LoveFranchising 2023 campaign. Running throughout the month of February, the campaign aims to showcase the significant value that franchising brings to local communities around the world. Last year, Groe Global launched the #LoveFranchising campaign, which was designed to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit that is cultivated through franchising. The campaign trended on Instagram and this year, Groe Global is excited to level up the game with the theme, “Love The Challenge: Growing Your Business in Tough Economic Times.”  

Although most people do not realize it, many of the small businesses that are ingrained in our communities are franchises. This February, we want to highlight the hardworking franchisees and the valuable contributions they make to our local communities.

A recent study conducted by Oxford Economics, part of Oxford University’s Business College, on the Value of Franchising, confirms the feedback of franchisors from around the world and highlights the many benefits that franchising brings to local communities. Here are just a few of the key findings:

  • Local brands make up 50% of independent franchises. Only one-quarter of all franchises are quick-service restaurants.
  • Franchises employ more and pay better. On average, franchisees hire 13.6 local people and pay 2.2% – 3.6% more than independents.
  • Franchises are locally owned, which means that resources (profits) stay in the community and don’t end up abroad.
  • 65% of franchisees donate to local charities, on average contributing 6% of their profits.
  • Franchise supply chains are structured to support the local economy. Over one-third of franchises purchase at least 25% of their goods locally.

“Over the decades Franchising has proven itself to be an incredibly powerful way for ordinary people to launch and grow amazing businesses, but many people do not realise the positive impact that these businesses have on their local communities,” said Groe Global CEO, Sean Goldsmith. “We are excited to launch the #LoveFranchising 2023 campaign to raise awareness and show appreciation for the valuable contributions that franchise businesses make to local communities.”

As a franchise owner, you can sign up at to access a range of free resources. And as a franchise supporter or owner, be sure to use the hashtag #LoveFranchising to show your support for your local franchise favourites.

To contact us or for more information about the #LoveFranchising 2023 campaign, please visit