If you haven’t heard of the “great resignation”, but are considering a career change for something to better suit you… you’re part of the revolution. Discover how franchising could help you reach your goals.

Post-pandemic, people are more likely to reflect on their career, and consider a career-change. They want a career they can work around their ambitions, values, goals, family, or even their personal life. Something which offers a better financial foundation, increased flexibility, or more fulfilment.

So, what about you? Have you given yourself permission to reflect on where you are, yet? There’s more to who you are, than the work you do. But, before you start making steps toward change, you need to take stock of your current situation, and future aspirations, by reflecting on questions like:

  • Do I feel fulfilled in my career/life?
  • What do I really enjoy, and what do I struggle with?
  • If money was no object, what would I be doing?
  • What do I hope to achieve, by my next milestone?
  • What do I definitely not want?

Careers are no longer a straight climb to the top of the ladder. Today, we’re more likely to re-define, re-direct, and re-align our path in what Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis, from AmazingIf, call, “The Squiggly Career”. One of the ways to take control of your career path is by identifying “your super strengths, and values, where your confidence lies, people within your networks with whom you can connect, and which future possibilities to explore.”

Business ownership could be one way to reshape your future

We know business owners tend to enjoy more flexibility and freedom in their careers. They also have a deeper sense of satisfaction, knowing the work they do is for their own future. But, it’s not always easy to know what business to open, or how to run it. Which is why women are discovering the benefit of franchising, as a means of taking control of their careers. This is because:

1. Franchising empowers you to use what you’re good at, for yourself.
Combine your super strengths with a brand which is already proving to have worked for others in the network. Choose how you’ll work in your business: management, or hands-on, for example. Then, hire people to plug the gaps, so you can focus on where you excel most.

2. Franchising enables you to align your values with others who share them.
Aligning with a franchise which shares your values and goals, can be a breath of fresh air. Especially for those women who’ve experienced difficult work environments. As the boss, you can also create the right cultural environment in which your team will thrive.

3. Franchising is built to give you confidence.
Some of us lack confidence because we’re not sure what we’re doing. With the training you’ll receive from your franchisor, plus peer-to-peer mentoring, and ongoing support from the whole network, your confidence will grow.

4. Franchising offers you a supportive network of connections.
Although you’re in business for yourself, you won’t be alone. There are others within your franchise, and the wider franchise community, with whom you’ll connect. Find inspiration and create opportunities with the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

5. Franchising gives you scope to build a rewarding future.
Many franchise brands offer you the ability to expand your territory, as you grow your business, and the professional support to help you do so: even as a multi-brand owner. Make the most of future possibilities, which are open to you as a franchise owner.

Sometimes, you just need one person to believe in you. With franchising, you’ll have a whole network who believe in you. At EWiF, we’re not affiliated with any one franchise brand, but love seeing women flourish when they choose to change careers. We’d love to see you flourish too!

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