Chelmsford based business, Sounds Right Phonics Classes for Kids, is celebrating two years as a franchise and its first franchisee, also from Chelmsford, is sharing the love as her business is now two years old and thriving.

In December 2015 Kelly Monksfield took a huge leap of faith and bought the first ever Sounds Right Phonics franchise, launching just a few weeks later. The classes, which are devised by Chelmsford sisters Alex Burnside and Charlie Day, had been running for a year and after their initial success the sisters had decided to franchise their business.

Kelly says, ‘It was a huge risk for me leaving the security of a job being a teaching assistant, but I was ready for a new challenge and as soon as I met Charlie and Alex I knew that this was the company for me.’

Charlie says, ‘We were so lucky to have Kelly onboard our Sounds Right Phonics team from the beginning of our franchising journey. When we met Kelly we knew she was the right person to pilot our franchise and when she said yes we were delighted. Kelly believed in us right from the beginning and we will always be really grateful for that.’

Two years later, Kelly’s classes are going from strength to strength going from seven classes per week in 2016 to 15 classes a week now, some fully booked with a waiting list!

One of Kelly’s customers, Michelle Stapleton, says, ‘Kelly is a fantastic teacher, we thoroughly enjoy coming to her classes each week, they are so beneficial for the children and they don’t even realise they are learning they are just having fun!’

Sounds Right Phonics Classes are suitable for ages 1-5 and run in locations across Chelmsford. The classes are high energy and lots of fun, teaching letter recognition, speech and language skills, fine and gross motor skills essential for writing and oral blending, and segmenting which is necessary for reading.

According to Damien Hinds, the education minister, ‘28% of children do not have the required speech and language skills when they leave reception.’ Sounds Right Phonics Classes for Kids are passionate about rectifying this and ensuring children are ready for school, and entering with a phonic knowledge.

Sounds Right Phonics Classes for Kids has grown since launching their first franchise in January 2016 and now runs 35 franchises across the UK. Most of their franchisees are working mums like Kelly.

Kelly says, ‘Sounds Right Phonics Classes give me the flexibility to work the days and hours I want to work around my family. The classes are a joy to teach! If you would have said to me over two years ago that I would be running my own business I never would have believed you! Here I am two years down the line, not only working myself but having the time of my life whilst doing it.’

For more information about Sounds Right Phonics Classes check out the website or call 07527060574