Entrepreneur Charlie Day started her own business Sounds Right Phonics Classes for Kids in 2016 and has sold the 30th franchise just weeks before her 30th birthday! Along with her sister, Alex Burnside who also lives next door to Charlie, they dreamed up this idea over a glass of wine and joked about how successful it could be. The sisters felt they had the perfect skills to collaborate and launch their own company – Sounds Right Phonics Classes – preschool classes for ages 3 months – 4 years –  which were fun and educational, so children don’t even realise they are learning.  Alex, a primary teacher with early years specialism, and Charlie has business experience.

Charlie comments: ‘Suddenly we were on a mission to get preschool children passionate about learning, teaching them easy phonics skills and preparing them for school. When we started this venture we never dreamed that it would be as big as it has become, but after brilliant feedback from classes we decided to franchise the business in 2017,’ she says.

Ruth Ellis, a Sounds Right Phonics parent, says; ‘These classes are hugely beneficial and helped my son learn all of his letter sounds and prepared him for school.’

According to The Department for Education, 28% of children in England do not have the required language skills by the end of Reception, and the Education Secretary is hoping to halve that number before 2028. 

‘Our Sounds Right Phonics Classes for Kids totally supports this,’ continues Charlie, ‘and teaches children in a fun and engaging environment.’

Fellow franchisee and ex primary school teacher Sally Mann says; ‘The change I see in the children I teach is phenomenal and not just in terms of their understanding and application of phonics but also in their confidence and self-belief. It’s amazing to see and wonderfully rewarding.’

The Education Secretary also says that parents need extra support and advice when it comes to supporting their children at school and Sounds Right Phonics Classes completely agrees, and the classes ensure that parents have a good understanding of phonics and the way the children learn.

The initial pilot franchises were Essex-based and both boomed in the first six months of business, so five more were added, and soon they had classes across the Essex and the country. Charlie has just sold her 30th franchise just weeks before she turns 30 herself.

Alex says; ‘Charlie is passionate, driven and enthusiastic. I am not surprised that our business has been so successful with Charlie driving our sales forward. To have achieved all of this before her 30th birthday is just amazing.’

The sisters have won multiple awards for their efforts with Sounds Right Phonics Classes for Kids, and Charlie has recently been shortlisted to take part in ‘The Pitch 2018’.

Kelly Monksfield, who runs the Chelmsford franchise says, “These girls are definitely ones to watch out for, I am sure Sounds Right Phonics Classes for Kids will be worldwide before we know it! “

Sounds Right Phonics for Kids is looking for new franchisees so for more information on how to get involved, or if you want to bring your pre-schooler or toddler along to one of our classes please visit  www.soundsrightphonicsclasses.co.ukteam@soundsrightphonicsclasses.co.uk