Martina Atiemoh and Ambrose Anash, a dynamic couple fuelled by a shared passion for compassionate care, recently celebrated the achievement of their Care Quality Commission (CQC) registration for their Sylvian Care franchise in Newcastle. Now embarking on their journey to offer high-quality domiciliary care services to their community, the duo reflects on their franchising journey so far.

Martina, the Managing Director and Nominated Individual of Sylvian Care Newcastle, has a rich background in care, having witnessed the sector’s fast-paced growth and the potential to make a real difference in people’s lives. Her husband Ambrose, a PHD student, complements her with his academic prowess and dedication to the cause, despite his ongoing studies.

The couple recognised early on the crucial role of expertise in navigating the care sector. Hence, they onboarded a highly experienced nurse as their Registered Manager, bringing in years of field knowledge to ensure the franchise delivers the highest quality of care.

However, they didn’t stop there. As first-time franchisees, Martina and Ambrose have leaned heavily on the support and mentorship offered by the Sylvian Care franchisor. “The focus on relationship-based care, backed by years of experience, has been a significant draw,” says Martina.

“The Sylvian Care franchising model allowed us to launch our business confidently, knowing we were in capable hands,” she continues. “Their expertise, gleaned from building the brand from scratch, has been invaluable in guiding us through our franchise journey.”

Silviu Pop, the Co-CEO is equally proud of their efforts. He says, “Martina and Ambrose’s dedication has been inspiring. Their willingness to learn, their commitment to absorbing the information and advice we’ve provided, has played a key role in securing their CQC registration.”

In the UK’s ever-evolving elderly care landscape, Sylvian Care, a leading Home Care Company in the UK, has carved a niche with its relationship-centric, person-focused approach to care. Our franchisees, like Martina and Ambrose, exemplify this commitment and play an integral part in fostering Sylvian Care’s vision across the nation.

Are you motivated to make a difference in your community, like Martina and Ambrose? Sylvian Care Franchising UK welcomes dedicated individuals who share our ethos. To learn more about our model and the support we offer our franchisees, call us today at 0118 200 6777 or to find more information about us, visit

Remember, a profitable partnership with Sylvian Care isn’t just a business investment. It’s an opportunity to transform lives and create a lasting impact in your community.