We firmly believe diversity of experience makes us stronger, as our newest franchisees prove.

As experts with a reputation in providing high-quality care, we obviously greatly value anyone who can bring their own experience in the industry to the network. However, we are also very keen to embrace passionate and motivated individuals from any walk of life, and very much welcome the range of skills and experience those from a variety of backgrounds can bring.

Which is why we are excited to welcome the newest members of our community, each with their own unique experiences and a shared commitment to our mission of relationship-based care.

Firstly, we’re very proud to introduce Yetty, now leading Sylvian Care in Tonbridge and Royal Tunbridge Wells. A seasoned business consultant, Yetty has been instrumental in troubleshooting and supporting the growth of various enterprises and organisations. Her decision to join Sylvian Care stemmed from witnessing many domiciliary care businesses struggle due to inadequate management and business knowledge. Armed with her experience, she seeks to provide superior care services that directly benefit her community. We can’t wait to start learning from each other!

Over in Havering South, we’re joined by Nikki and Olu, a husband and wife team of a nurse and a social worker respectively. Having spent their careers nurturing others, they recognized a substantial need for high-quality care in their community. They chose to meet this need, not just as a service, but as a business. Their newly graduated daughter, now an occupational therapist, will also be assisting in the business, making it a truly family-oriented initiative – and one with a real wealth of experience behind it.

Silviu, co-founder of Sylvian Care, could not be more thrilled about welcoming these new franchisees. “Yetty, Nikki, and Olu are wonderful new additions to the Sylvian Care community.“ he told us. “Their wealth of knowledge, commitment to quality, and shared values align with our vision. While each of them had the skills to easily establish their own care services, they chose to work with Sylvian Care, instead. This reaffirms the strength of our support system and robust business model, as well as the power of working together to make real positive change in our communities.”

Sylvian Care’s success stems from its commitment to relationship-based care – a strategy that moves beyond the transactional nature of home care services to foster deep, meaningful connections with clients. Our new franchisees have recognized the value of this approach and are keen to implement it in their own operations.

We wholeheartedly believe in the effectiveness of our unique approach and are eager to partner with others who share this belief, as well as our dedication to transforming the face of domiciliary care.

Interested in joining our dynamic community of franchisees? Visit our website at www.sylviancarefranchising.co.uk to learn more about the unparalleled support and growth opportunities Sylvian Care provides. Together, we can redefine care.