MagiKats Maths and English

MagiKats Tuition Centres – making the business working remotely for kids, parents and would-be franchiseesMagiKats workshops offer maths and English tutoring in small groups to children from pre-school to GCSE (or local equivalent qualification). Each student studies a two-strand programme of curriculum support and core skills development. In addition to subject skills, we help develop thinking skills, problem solving skills and study skills. Every MagiKats student has a programme that is put together for them as an individual and no two programmes will ever be identical.

Students are supported by mentors and a centre manager as they work in a variety of ways: pen on paper, hands-on activities, group discussion and collaboration. This multi-sensory approach ensures that all different learning styles are accommodated.

Each MagiKats workshop runs in either space in a community centre or similar, or sometimes from a permanent location. The lifestyle of a MagiKats franchisee is flexible and we work with each individual on their business goals.

MagiKats Maths and English is a management franchise with a tutoring twist.

It suits teachers looking for a change, but also those working in a completely different industry but looking to get involved in children’s education. The extent to which a franchisee works directly with children and parents varies, depending on the individual’s experience and preference. We provide comprehensive training and support, every step of the way.

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