Spirits soared at the NatWest Encouraging Women into Franchising Awards on 30th June 2022. And is it any wonder? The celebration marked the first time the EWiF Awards were held in person, in over two years, so it was a special day for many reasons!

This year’s winners were selected from more than 120 entries. The awards, an annual highlight for women in franchising since 2010, recognises the most outstanding industry pioneers, innovators and visionaries. Celebrating women who push boundaries, set new standards and overcome adversity, by showcasing their successes over the past year.

The Awards cover nine categories, commending women across every sector, and from businesses of all ages and sizes. On the day, attendees donned their best and gathered in Central London for canapes, drinks, networking, and The Awards presentation. They smiled as they caught up with folks they’d possibly not seen for years—whilst making new connections with those there for the first time.


This was the 12th annual NatWest EWiF Awards and once again, we received a record number of award entries! “I’m so honoured to recognise this year’s award winners. The entrants regularly impress us with their vision, resilience and determination. The 2022 winners’ stories are uplifting and inspiring in a unique way showcasing how businesses have thrived in some of the most challenging years in recent history. Heartiest congratulations to all of this year’s winners.”
Helen Mansfield, MD of EWiF

The 2022 EWiF Award Winners

New Woman Franchisee of the Year 2022

Rebecca Lomax, Puddle Ducks

Like many in this category, Rebecca opened her franchise during lockdown. Undeterred by Covid’s impact on her sector, she made use of all available resources. By the end of her first year, she’d bought a neighbouring territory, giving her 16 staff teaching 700+ customers.

New Woman Franchisor of the Year 2022

Camilla Culshaw, The Teepover Club

Most business owners reach a point when they need to consider the best route of expansion. For Camilla, franchising her brand was a top priority, hurried by increasing demand, thanks to the pandemic. And, as she welcomed her first franchisee, she also welcomed a new baby!

Young Woman in Franchising  of the Year 2022

Abi Doublard, Anytime Fitness UK

2021 hit some industries harder than others. However, Abi played a major role in reopening her brand after lockdown. She inspired most customers back – plus 17,000 new ones – in the first month. Newly appointed to the franchise leadership team, she also oversaw a major franchise rebrand!

Woman Franchise Employee of the Year 2022

Lucy Crabtree, babyballet

For anyone running a franchise, having an employee who knows the business so well she can operate as the owner, is invaluable. This is true for Lucy, who was instrumental in the development of the brand for which she works, and enabled franchisees to increase turnover.

Service Provider of the Year 2022

Suzie McCafferty, Platinum Wave

Servicing the franchise industry involves working with a variety of clients and industries, supporting their growth. Suzie helped a number of brands to launch or expand into the UK, during 2021; tapping into her personal franchising knowledge and expertise.

Inspirational Woman of the Year 2022

Debbie Simpkins, InXpress

Many of us know someone who inspires us, which is what this award recognises. Someone like Debbie who didn’t just run her franchise whilst undergoing surgery and cancer treatment, she substantially grew it! All at a time when being in hospital was a lonely road, thanks to Covid restrictions.

EWiF Ambassador of the Year 2022

Suzie McCafferty, Platinum Wave

Suzie is passionate about franchising, and its benefit to women starting their own business. So much so, she takes any and every opportunity to educate people about it, including politicians and students. A true ambassador for the franchise industry, at all levels.

Woman Franchisor of the Year 2022

Lucy Campbell, Right at Home UK

Lucy’s passion and commitment to her brand and sector, saw her take the lead in many areas – from speaking to the media, to lobbying for better treatment of care workers. All this after her recent promotion to CEO.

Overall Woman in Franchising of the Year 2022

Lucy Crabtree, babyballet

Woman Franchisee of the Year 2022

Ally Phillips, Pink Spaghetti

Running a top franchise in the network is a brilliant achievement. Ally became the fastest growing franchise, increasing her customer-base and employing more staff. She now shares her success to inspire others in her network.

EWiF Awards 2022 Speakers:

Keynote speaker: Suzie Lavington, Art of Brilliance

Suzie delivers a series of Confidence and Wellbeing sessions designed to build self-esteem, confidence,  kindness and resilience in teenage girls. The workshops were turned into a book in late 2020, and promptly became an Amazon Bestseller. Her mission is to get it into the hands and heads of young women everywhere… because high self-esteem and deep-down confidence should be every girl’s prerogative. On the day, Suzie will be talking about The Science of Human Flourishing, characterised by four main components: goodness, generative, growth, and resilience. Because, we’re all brilliant and it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of the fact, every once in a while.

Claire O’Connor, franchisor and CEO of babyballet

A prominent figure in franchising, Claire O’Connor will be joining us to share her story of growing and leading a successful international franchise brand. Claire, with her team, supports over 100 franchised and licensed schools globally, and her network collectively teaches ballet to over 25,000 pre-school children every week. On the day, Claire will share insights into what it takes to lead, following personal tragedy and heartache. By discussing how she faced her anxieties to achieve a calmer frame of mind, Claire hopes to inspire you to dream, believe and achieve your goals, based on your own, personal definition of success.


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